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I've been developing web sites professionally since early 1995 and training web developers since 1996 at both colleges and continuing education centers. In fact, I was the first to teach web design & development at community colleges in the San Diego area. I love teaching others how to create usable, accessible, interactive, content-rich, cross-browser compatible, and standards-compliant Web sites that rank well in search engines.

Over the last 16 years, I've taught a variety of computer-related classes, my specialty being Web Design & Development - surprise!, at several schools, including:

See Training for a partial listing of classes I've taught and Portfolio to view some of my web design projects.

My JavaScript textbook, JavaScript Concepts & Techniques: Programming Interactive Web Sites, has been used by over 100 colleges and universities to train web developers across the nation. Despite its age (death for any computer book), there are still a few colleges utilizing it in electronic format. Of course, at its core JavaScript hasn't changed much since I wrote the book and the introductory programming instruction is still relevant.

Education & Training

As far as my formal education goes: I hold a Master of Science degree in Electronic Commerce, a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems, and an Associate of Science in Mathematics - all earned with honors, mind you.

I'm an expert in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I learned both HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) from the original language specifications written by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and later the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) long before there were any books available on the subjects. I learned JavaScript in much the same way, only my guides were the JavaScript Language References produced by Netscape Communications - the company who invented JavaScript. I'm also familiar with databases, can write CGI scripts in Perl, program in PHP, and am quite conversant with usability and accessibility guidelines and optimizing sites for good search engine ranking. Since studies show that 80% of a web site's traffic comes from search engines, that's an important skill to have.

To stay current and conversant with new technologies, standards, and best practices, I do a lot of research. Over the years I've read countless books, delved into more than my share of dry technical manuals and specifications, and perused countless web sites and online articles all to learn more about the myriad aspects of web development including: coding, client-side and server-side programming, marketing, social media, search engine submission and ranking, database integration, e-commerce, intellectual property law, Internet marketing, user-centered design, usability, accessibility, writing for the Web, web server management, you name it. In recent years my focus has been on marketing, both online and offline. But I don't just read this stuff, I experiment with it, teach it and put it into practice in my own businesses and those of my clients.

Web Design Philosophy

I understand that the Web is its own medium: it's not print and it's not television, perhaps, it's somewhere in between. The rules that apply to good print design do not inherently apply to the Web. Too many so-called Web designers are really graphic artists accustomed to the precision and detail of the print world, with no special training or true understanding of the Web, accessibility issues, usability standards, or search engine criteria for ranking. They often mistakenly try to apply their print rules of writing and design to Web development, then wonder why their web sites are ineffective or don't display right on all devices including smart phones and tablets. I don't do that. I teach people how to write and design for the Web, emphasizing usability, search engine optimization and accessibility.

I believe that every web site should work in every browser and on every computer, smart phone and tablet. After all, that's the whole reason the Web was created in the first place: to allow people to share information with each other irregardless of the computer platform, operating system, or web browser used to access that information. As such, I'm big on accessibility and adhering to usability standards and proven best practices that help get sites good ranking in search engines. I love to help people create web sites that work well, look professional, and rank high in search engines, too!

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Education: Master of Science Electronic Commerce, National University, Graduated with Honors

Bachelor of Science Information Systems, University of Phoenix, Graduated with Honors

Associate of Science Mathematics, Grossmont College, Graduated with Honors

JavaScript Concepts & Techniques: Programming Interactive Web Sites by Tina Spain McDuffie. ISBN: 1-887902-69-4. Publisher: Franklin, Beedle, and Associates.

WebWoman's JavaScript Object Reference by Tina Spain McDuffie. Publisher: WebWoman's Books.

Certifications: Name: Authority and Subject:
Brainbench Certified Professional Web Design Brainbench Certified Internet Professional
Web Designer
Brainbench Certified Dreamweaver 4.0 Master Brainbench Certified Master
Dreamweaver 4.0
Brainbench Certified HTML 3.2 Master Brainbench Certified Master
HTML 3.2
Brainbench Certified HTML 4.0 Master Brainbench Certified Master
HTML 4.0 (includes CSS)
Brainbench Certified JavaScript Master Brainbench Certified Master
Brainbench Certified Web Design Concepts Brainbench Certified Master
Web Design Concepts


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