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iPad and iPhone Tips & Tricks Classes and Training
Demystifying technology for adults for 17 years

Tina's students say she has a knack for demystifying computer technology. She teaches and writes in a friendly, conversational style, always encourages questions, and explains technical jargon in easy-to-understand terms.

With great features like two video cameras, a fast processor, gorgeous Retina display, and a million apps* to choose from, the iPad is the world's best tablet device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a manual, so you used to be on your own to learn how to use it. Not anymore. Now, in some new 2-hour classes, Tina will teach you oodles of awesome and little-known tips and tricks that will help you get the most from your iPad and iPhone, whatever version you're using. Topics include everything from organizing your Apps to keyboard tricks and shortcuts to customizing your device's settings to recommended apps. [learn more]

Web Design & Development Training
Teaching Web Design and Computer Topics Since 1996

I provide one-on-one training and group training on a variety of web design and development topics, including:

Teaching Experience

I've been working as a professional Web Developer since 1995 and training web developers since 1996. I was the first to teach web development classes at community colleges in San Diego, California, and possibly the first to teach the subject anywhere in San Diego. Some of the curriculum I wrote is still used by community colleges in the San Diego area. My JavaScript textbook, once used by over 100 colleges and universities across the U.S., is still used in electronic format by some schools even now. This despite that it's now several years old, (death for any computer book).

My experience isn't just academic, I build web sites professionally and utilize my skills to promote and market my own businesses and those of my clients. Check out my book & game store: Here Be Books & Games. One of my specialties is web marketing, including Search Engine Optimization for good ranking in organic search results, the use of Social Media like Facebook, mobile map & place presences, and paid online advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, etc.

How is all this real-world experience good for you? I'm good at demystifying Web technology. I'm always happy to help others learn how to create accessible, content-rich, and search-engine optimized Web sites that are W3C standards-compliant. It helps make the Web a better place.

In short, I'm available for one-on-one or group training at your home or place of business. Just give me a call and tell me what you need.

Training Costs

Training can be personalized specifically for you (recommended for one-on-one) or can be run as a class (best for groups). We can do it free-form: you ask the questions you need answered. Or I can provide structured lessons. It's up to you. I here to help, whatever you need.

I charge an hourly rate for my training services: $75/hour, 2-hour minimum*.

Group rates available upon request.

* If I have to drive a long ways, pay for parking, etc. the minimum number of hours or hoursly rate may be higher.


Former Class Offerings

Below is a sampling of the types of classes I've taught before. This is not an exhaustive list. Tell me what you need. Perhaps I can help.

Adobe Acrobat
Learn to navigate through PDF documents to view the desired information, convert several types of documents to PDF and modify PDF documents by arranging pages, adding headers and footers, and customizing page numbering. Other topics include how to add bookmarks, links and articles to a PDF document to provide tools viewers can use to easily navigate the document; organize PDF documents into a document collection that can be navigated and searched as a unit; and implement a document review workflow using Acrobat. Recommended Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computers.
Beginning & Advanced Web Design with HTML & CSS
Create your own web presentation. Learn how to build user-friendly, accessible, search engine optimized web site. Recommended Preparation: Completion of an Introductory Internet class or equivalent experience.
Cascading Style Sheets
Learn how to apply style sheets to your Web documents. Cascading Style Sheets allow you to specify margins, paragraph indents, line spacing, type styles, and lots of other cool effects you can't do with HTML alone. Recommended Skills: Good working knowledge of HTML.
Dreamweaver Introduction
Learn to use one of the most popular web design tools to build attractive, dynamic web pages. Apply special features of the software to enhance web pages, and learn efficient file management for web sites and techniques of FTP and remote server interaction. Recommended Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computers and file management.
Dreamweaver Intermediate
The course will introduce you to advanced concepts of the Dreamweaver Web development application. In this course, you will expand on the knowledge you gained in the Dreamweaver Introduction course. You will work with advanced Web site creation features available in Dreamweaver, including libraries and behaviors. In addition, you will use many of the new features available within the HTML 4 standard, including style sheets and layers. Prerequisite: Dreamweaver Introduction or equivalent knowledge.
Dreamweaver Advanced
Learn how to utilize Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver to build a variety of Web page layouts that are accessible, user-friendly, standards-compliant and search-engine friendly. Emphasis is placed on using Cascading Styles Sheets and divisions to create liquid page designs with multiple columns without the use of tables. This course will expand on the knowledge you gained in the Dreamweaver Introduction and Intermediate courses. Advanced Dreamweaver template features, such as optional regions for building Your Are Here Navigation Bars, are also covered. Prerequisite: Dreamweaver Introduction and Dreamweaver Intermediate or equivalent knowledge.
Illustrator, Level 1
This hands-on course will introduce you to the basics of Adobe Illustrator, a sophisticated graphics program capable of creating complex and attractive illustrations and type effects. In this course, you will learn many of the basic skills that will allow you to take advantage of Illustrator’s powerful tools. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computers.
Illustrator, Level 2
Create complex illustrations, control color across a range of devices, and control how illustrations print and appear on the Web. This course expands upon the skills learned in Illustrator CS Level 1 to create more complex illustrations, and to provide you with better understanding of how to print documents without errors or color mismatches, and to prepare illustrations for the Web. You will learn to create complex, robust illustrations that go beyond those you could create using Illustrator’s basic tools. Prerequisites: Illustrator CS: Level 1
Intro to the Internet
Learn all about the Internet: Web surfing, sending email, finding MP3s, downloading files, Internet searching, etc. Recommended Preparation: Completion of Introduction to Computers or equivalent experience.
Internet Research
Learn how to use the Internet to find the information you're looking for when you need it. Recommended Preparation: Completion of Introduction to Computers or equivalent experience.
JavaScript Programming
Learn how to program in JavaScript and make your Web pages come alive and interact with visitors. Topics include basic object-oriented programming concepts to introduce you to the Javascript language, and integrating JavaScript successfully with HTML and making Web sites interact with visitors. Add special effects to your Web sites, including rollover buttons, slideshows, random quotes and cycling banners. Programming topics such as writing user-defined functions and working with arrays are also covered. We'll be using my book for this one! Recommended Preparation: Strong working knowledge of HTML.
Microsoft Office
Become proficient with the Microsoft Office suite including: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Recommended Preparation: Completion of Introduction to Computers or equivalent experience.
Photoshop Level 1
This hands-on course introduces Photoshop and covers palettes and layers; painting and editing; paths, masks and channels; and color correction. Recommended Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computers.
Photoshop Level 2
Extend your basic knowledge of Photoshop. This course covers advanced layer techniques, special effects, combining Illustrator graphics with Photoshop, preparing images for web publication and two-color printing, and ensuring and printing accurate color. Recommended Prerequisite: Photoshop Level 1.
Web Design I for Business - Getting Started
If your company needs a Web presence and you want to handle it yourself, this course will get you started. The course will cover registering a domain name, acquiring a Web hosting service, planning your Web site, designing a Web site and building your Web site. You will need to bring a credit card to sign up for a Web hosting account; this fee is not included.
Web Design II for Business - Building Your Site
This course is the second in the series designed to assist small businesses strategically place their business on the Web. The course will include building a Web site using Dreamweaver, entering content, adding images, setting up the site navigation and using style sheets. Prerequisite: Web Design I for Business - Getting Started.
Web Design III for Business - Shopping Carts and Online Payment Systems
This course is the third in the series for small business owners to develop a presence on the Web. The course focuses on selling your product on the Web and collecting the revenue. Topics include: getting and setting up a PayPal business account, sending PayPal invoices, accepting credit card payments online, implementing payment buttons and integrating shopping carts. Prerequisites: Web Design I & II for Business.

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